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PlayServers makes it easy to manage multiple Ark: Survival Evolved servers. Use our control panel to customize server settings, schedule automatic server backups and updates, create server clusters, and more.

All it takes is a few clicks. We'll handle the rest.

  • Control Panel
    Completely manage your server with our powerful control panel.
  • Cluster Management
    Create clusters of Ark: Survival Evolved servers.
  • Automatic Mod Installation
    Install mods from the Steam Workshop.
  • Automatic Backups
    Backup and restore game server save data.
  • Multiple Locations
    Servers available in North America and Europe.
  • DDoS Attack Protection
    We'll deal with the angry nerds spamming your server.
  • Automatic Updates
    Schedule daily server updates.
  • Metrics
    Track each servers' player count and status.
Ark: Survival Evolved - Standard
70 players
Ark: Survival Evolved - Mega
250 players

Demo servers

Want to try before you buy? Connect to our demo servers!
  • North America - Ark NA-1
    Port: 7777
    Query Port: 27015

  • Europe - Ark EU-1
    Port: 7777
    Query Port: 27015

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