PlayServers Knowledge Base


Below, you'll find information on how to manage a Valheim server with PlayServers.

Connect to Your Server

Follow the steps below to connect to your Valheim server:

  1. From the Steam menu bar, click View > Servers.
  2. Click Add A Server.
  3. From the Add Server window, enter the IP address and the query port of the server. You can find the IP address and query port of your server by clicking on your server from the control panel.
    Valheim server IP address and query port.

    Steam server window with Valheim server information.
  4. Click Find Games At This Address. The list of servers will be populated and will display the server in the results.
  5. Click Add This Address To Favorites
  6. Select the server in the Servers window, then click Connect.
  7. The Valheim game client should launch. Select your character, then click Start.
  8. You will be prompted again for a password. Enter the server password, then press Enter. Your Valheim game client will now connect to your Valheim server.